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Tippers and Trailers

We pioneered the organised trailer manufacturing in India way back in 2007. ‘ANG Trailer’ became the most preferred brand in no time and also the fastest one to roll out 1000 trailers on Indian roads. Since then, Indian trailer buyers witnessed our numerous value additions and customisations in response to their specific needs. We offer 15 variants including skeletal,flatbed, curtain-sider, Z-type, tip trailer, sideboard,tanker trailer, running gear, car carrier, refrigerated trailers, bulker trailers, etc.

Made of high-quality steel, our trailers conform to international CMVR standards. They are fitted with our own world-class undercarriage assemblies such as axles, suspension systems, brake assemblies and landing gears. Being safety-focused, every trailer is fitted with cattle guards, reflectors, indicators and brake lights.

"With our fast-expanding distribution and service points, coupled with our wide-ranging product portfolio, we are setting true international benchmarks in the Indian trailer segment.".

Our range is as follows:

Tipper Bodies:
Why an ANG Trailer?

RUPD, SUPD, Protection for Palm Coupling, Multi License Plates Holder etc